Trust Service GmbH

De-trust offers you individual solutions for the following constellations:

  • They need business anonymity for a variety of reasons.
  • Your society is not solvent.
  • You are planning to purchase an object and do not want to be mentioned by name in the call for tenders.

With a new GmbH, you can start your business immediately and become capable again.

De-trust clarifies the desired company name as well as the purpose of the business with the responsible chamber or, after commissioning, uses a GmbH already registered in the commercial register with provided share capital and existing tax number (see also Vorrats GmbH). De-trust’s fiduciary service makes all necessary arrangements so that your GmbH becomes immediately competent. On request, this can also be anonymized in trust.

As a shareholder of your GmbH De-trust arranges a trustee. As a trustor you remain the owner of the GmbH, but are registered in the commercial register. Even in public, they do not appear and private garnishments against society are not possible. You can fully manage the business of the GmbH as the actual owner. In addition, you have the opportunity to use a person as a manager.


Trust CEO

De-trust will work with you to see if it makes sense to appoint a Fiduciary Managing Director. Should this be necessary, a German citizen, who has been extensively examined by De-trust, will be instructed accordingly. This then represents your UG (haftungsbeschränkt) to the outside in the commercial register. As an agent, you remain completely independent and can conduct the business alone.

Готовые GmbH (OOO)

С полностью внесённым уставным капиталом EUR 25.000,- и банковским счётом


Готовые UG

С полностью внесённым уставным капиталом EUR 100,- и банковским счётом


Готовые AG (АО)

С внесённым уставным капиталом EUR 50.000,- и банковским счётом.


Готовые Ltd.

Готовые Ltd. с зарегестрированым адрессом в германии и банковским счётом в немецком банке