This shelf company is a Vorrats GmbH, which is registered in the commercial register and already has a permit according to ANÜ. The approval for commercial temporary employment was granted by the Federal Employment Agency for a limited time. In the purchase price of this Vorrats GmbH with temporary employment of course, all templates such as temporary employment contract pursuant to § 11 and transfer agreement in accordance with § 12 AÜG included. In addition to these patterns, you will also get the matching domain for the company name and a website. On request, you can also take over the company logo, stationery and business cards. So you buy a shelf company, including everything necessary to get started with your business.


  • Fully paid-up share capital of EUR 25,000, —
  • Bank account at a German bank
  • tax number
  • business registration
  • operation number
  • Health certificate of the health insurance company
  • Certificate of safety of the professional association
  • Valid temporary employment
  • IHK contribution payment for the first year
  • Internet domain
  • phone numbers
  • website
  • on request, stationery, logo and business card.
  • Employee transfer agreement according to § 12 AÜG
  • Bodywork contract according to § 11 AÜG

Purchase price
The share capital is available in the bank account. The costs of the application and the formation costs were paid by the shareholder. Please ask for the purchase price by phone or email.

fees and court
 fees The costs of incorporation are fully paid. The cost of the transfer is borne by the buyer. You should take into account about EUR 450, — for the notary and about EUR 120, — at court costs. In general, we can not estimate the amount of the costs, because they are fixed by court and notary and depend on how many changes you make to the company.


  1. Simply fill out the 
  order form (317 KB ) and send it by e-mail or fax to De-trust.
  2. De-trust submits the desired company name to the relevant Chamber of Commerce and agrees with you.
  3. De-trust will send you all the necessary documents (founding document and articles of association, registration notice of the commercial register and the current account statement of the GmbH) by mail and
  4. agreed with you an emergency appointment.
  5. After notarization by the notary De-trust undertakes the bank transfer of the GmbH.

Order placement
To purchase a Vorrats GmbH with temporary employment please  download the  order form ( 317 KB ).

Shelf GmbH

With fully paid up share capital of EUR 25,000, — as bank balance.

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Shelf UG

With fully paid-up share capital of EUR 100, — and a bank account

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Shelf AG

With share capital of EUR 50,000, — and a bank account.

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Shelf Ltd.

Stock Ltd. with registered branch office in Germany and a German bank account

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