As a trustee, De-trust takes over the position of the partner and thus holds your shares in a GmbH, UG or another company. The trustee contracts are closed to a notary, so you have the assurance that De-Trust will not take any unjustified actions with your shares.

Benefits of a trustee

  • They remain unknown to the outside world
  • Anonymity in everyday business

Particularly suitable

  • in case of divorce
  • over-indebtedness
  • Competition bans and
  • commercial activities

Shelf GmbH

With fully paid up share capital of EUR 25,000, – as bank balance.

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Shelf UG

With fully paid-up share capital of EUR 100, – and a bank account

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Shelf AG

With share capital of EUR 50,000, – and a bank account.

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Shelf Ltd.

Stock Ltd. with registered branch office in Germany and a German bank account

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