Societas Europaea (SE)

At De-trust, you can acquire the supply SE either with a dualistic system – that is, with the Management Board and the Supervisory Board – or with a monistic system – ie, the Board of Directors and the Managing Director.

SE with dualistic system

For an SE with a dualistic management system, ie management and supervisory body, the provisions of the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz – AktG) apply to the Management Board and the Supervisory Board. In this respect, there is a considerable degree of synchronization between the law of the SE and the AG. However, the term of office of members of governing bodies is up to six years compared to AG. The statute must specify the exact period.
In the SE-VO several authorizations were not used. The reason for this is the preservation of the synchronization with the Stock Corporation Act. Legal persons can be appointed as board members as well as managing directors below the board. Furthermore, the assignment of the ordering competence to the Annual General Meeting is possible.

SE with monistic system

The SE’s monistic system is governed by SEAG and has no equivalent in current stock corporation law. The central management body of the SE is the Board of Directors, which manages the company and oversees and implements the baseline of activities. Accordingly, the Board of Directors is at the same time the management and monitoring body. As with an AG (Management Board and Supervisory Board), the Board of Directors has all rights and obligations. However, the management authority of the Board of Directors is limited to the baselines of business activities and the day-to-day transactions are assigned to the Managing Directors. At least one managing director must be appointed by the board of directors.

The supply SEs, which have been set up by De-trust, are either entered in the commercial registers of Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, Hanover or Berlin and have not yet carried out any business activities so that they are ready for immediate takeover.

The capital stock amounts to € 120,000 and comprises 120,000 no-par value registered shares. No auditors have been appointed for the first short fiscal year, so you can choose to do so. In addition, no participation agreements pursuant to § 21 SEBG were concluded when the SE was founded, since neither the founders nor the supply SE employed any employees.

The purchase price for the supply SE amounts to 132,000 euros. This already includes the costs incurred by De-trust for establishing the SE and the administrative costs.


  • Simply fill out the order form and send it to De-trust by e-mail or fax.
  • De-trust will send you all the required documents by post and arrange an emergency appointment with you.

Shelf GmbH

With fully paid up share capital of EUR 25,000, – as bank balance.

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Shelf UG

With fully paid-up share capital of EUR 100, – and a bank account

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Shelf AG

With share capital of EUR 50,000, – and a bank account.

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Shelf Ltd.

Stock Ltd. with registered branch office in Germany and a German bank account

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