Shelf GmbHs, Shelf UGs and Shell GmbHs from the experts

Acquiring shelf companies is a matter of trust. For many years, DE-Trust GmbH has been a reliable provider when it comes to forming shelf companies.

Our portfolio of shelf companies includes the following legal forms: German private limited companies (shelf GmbHs), entrepreneurial companies with limited liability (shelf UGs), German public limited companies (shelf AGs) and European public limited-liability companies (shelf Societas Europaea, shelf SEs). The shell companies are registered in the commercial register and have a bank account.

Foreign legal forms are also available as shell companies, including private companies limited by shares (Ltd.) under English law. However, the most frequently sold forms are shell GmbHs.

All companies have been duly formed and already have a bank account with fully paid-up share capital. There are no attendant risks, since the companies have not yet been active in business. Another advantage is that the legal entity is immediately available and thus able to act. A shell company offers the purchaser an opportunity to become active in business in the short term.

On request, DE-Trust can also provide a trustworthy partner from abroad.

In the case of German stock corporations, the shares in the business are transferred after the relevant data have changed hands. As a rule, an appointment with a notary can be arranged within 24 hours at which the company name, its registered office, business purpose, managing director and partners are modified accordingly. The company can start transacting business immediately after notarial certification.

The range of services offered by DE-Trust also includes fiduciary management. The focus here is on providing fiduciary managers and fiduciary shareholders of German limited liability companies (GmbHs) and UGs with limited liability.

Just contact DE-Trust and we will work with you to find an optimal solution for your needs.

The shelf companies are available in different cities including:

– Cologne
– Frankfurt am Main
– Berlin
– Hamburg
– Koblenz
– Mainz

DE-Trust is very well known in the Cologne region as a professional for shelf companies and for the purchase of GmbHs.

Shelf GmbH

With fully paid up share capital of EUR 25,000, – as bank balance.

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Shelf UG

With fully paid-up share capital of EUR 100, – and a bank account

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Shelf AG

With share capital of EUR 50,000, – and a bank account.

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Shelf Ltd.

Stock Ltd. with registered branch office in Germany and a German bank account

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